GST Enrollment Mobile App: How to register for GST using GST Enrolment Mobile App

GST Enrollment Mobile App: How to register for GST using GST Enrollment Mobile App: GST Enrollment mobile app is an Enrollment app to enrol all the existing taxpayer under State VAT / Central Tax/ Service Tax/ Central Excise/ State Sales Tax/ Entry Tax/ Luxury Tax and Entertainment Tax in one single tax system that is GST (Goods and Services Tax). Through this mobile app, you can fill all the required details in offline mode and can register on GST portal through your mobile later with internet connectivity. You will need provisional ID and password that is provided by your State VAT department to get or create GST username and password. In a simple way, we can say that you can fill all the details in offline mode and then you can upload the file on the GST portal in online mode through your mobile. You will get confirmation message also on successful submission. You can also edit some details on GST portal before final submission.

So, all android users can download GST Enrollment mobile app from Google play store and then you can fill GST Enrollment application in offline mode. Once you fill the form in offline mode then you can submit your application with internet connectivity on GST portal.

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GST Enrollment Mobile App

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How to Register GST using Mobile App


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Features of GST Enrollment App

GST Enrollment Android app has been developed to provide a better solution to all the Android user. There are many people who do not have pc or desktop can use this app for doing their GST Enrollment.  GST Enrollment Android app has following features:-

  • Small in Size: GST Enrollment App requires only a few “Megabytes” or “MB”. This will not a bulk size app which you lead to your phone hanging again and again.
  • Offline App: As GST Enrollment app is an offline app. Once you have downloaded this GST Enrollment app then you can use it in offline mode also. There are many people who do not have 24×7 internet connectivity so those people can also use this app. All you need is a one-time internet to download and install this app.
  • Enrol existing VAT / Service tax or state tax to new GST regime: If you are an existing tax payer and want to migrate to new GST Regime then this app is best for you as this app can help you to migrate from old tax system to new GST Regime.
  • New GST Registration: Using this GST Enrollment app, you can also do fresh GST registration. As this GST Enrollment app allow the user to fill in all the GST Application or migration form in offline mode.
  • Automatic Data upload file Creation:  The best feature of this GST Enrollment app is that it creates that data upload file automatically.
  • SMS Notification: If you will submit you GST application using this GST Enrollment app then it will send SMS Intimation upon successful validation of the information provided in the form with in 15 minutes.
  • Safe to use:  This app is very safe to use and information which you provide in this app will not be shared anywhere out side.
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Contact Details-GST Help Desk

If you have any query related to “How to register for GST using GST Enrollment Mobile App” with GST portal then you can contact GST help desk:

  • Email ID of developer of app:

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