How to link Aadhar Card with Pan Card

How to link Aadhar Card with Pan Card: Linking Aadhar number with Pan Card has become mandatory for filing tax returns starting in the month of July and just a few days left for the rule to come into effect. Now everybody is completely confused and wondering to think about it that how to link their Aadhar Number with Pan Card within given time. If you are tax payer then you must link as soon as possible so that you don’t have to encounter any hindrance meanwhile paying tax season. But you don’t worry at all we are here to help you, so that you may come to know about steps to link. The process is quite simple & you will be able to link Aadhar to Pan by SMS or Online if you want to go with SMS having known about it that there is heavy traffic and takes long to load. So, kindly follow below instructions carefully.

Link Aadhar Card with Pan Card by SMS

The Income Tax Department’s has provided facility to link Aadhar No to Pan by SMS using given two numbers: 567678 & 56161. If you are willing to go through SMS then go with below format UIDPAN<SPACE>123456789012<SPACE>ABCDE12345. In this, the 12th-digit number represents your AADHAR NUMBER, while the second one is your PAN CARD number. But if you are curious to go with the online process then follow below steps.

Link Aadhar Card with Pan Card Card Online

  • First visit on official website
  • Then click on left pane named Link Aadhar
  • Now provide Aadhar and Pan Number & enter name GIVEN IN Aadhar Card (avoiding mistakes) & submit. After verification from UIDAI which is the Govt website for Aadhar, the linking will be confirmed

Note: In the case of any mismatch in Aadhar number provided, Aadhar OTP will be required at once. Please kindly ensure that the date of birth & gender in PAN and Aadhar number are thoroughly correct.

In case Aadhar number is different from name in PAN, then linking will be failed & tax payer will be promoted to change the name in Aadhar or in PAN database.

The process of linking Aadhar Number with PAN is also available after login to income tax website

Steps are here:

  • First, register at the income tax e-filling website (if you are not registered).
  • Then log in to the e-filling website of the Income Tax Department entering the login ID & PASSWORD & date of birth.
  • Now, go to the blue tab on the top bar named “Profile Settings” & click on Link Aadhar.
  • Then you will find that the required details will be mentioned as per the details. submitted at the time of registration verify the details mentioned on your Aadhar card
  • If all the details match, then enter your Aadhar card number & captcha code & click on Link Aadhar.
  • Promptly, you will get a pop-up message that your Aadhar card has been successfully linked to your Pan Card.

Note: For more information, you may visit the official website or bookmark this page to know latest updates.

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